My best friend and my worst enemy.

My mind is a little daredevil. Amidst the black light in my head, the undue influencer paints incessant vivid images of the worst and haunting scenarios of all.

A cat looking at a window

It’s like the best photography ever! I have always ruminated as to ‘why can’t I witness fairies or angels in my head who give you the best fantasies ever? Tired and lost. I have been longing to stay out of this murky world and expecting to sense the warmth around me like before. I’m trying to cast about the ray of canopies around me. Lets just say, luck never favors certain human beings. I was a strong believer of ‘truth comes to light only if I descry’. I was one of the greats in my arena. The society labelled me as the ‘ The defeater of isolation’.

Literally they used to eulogize my theories and treatments. As a bright sunny person, I became emotionally detached as my patients encouraged and turned me into a stable rock. My solutions were witnessed as the biggest gift. But these eight months of staying in the hole of darkness in a claustrophobic cell has changed me. I’m so looking forward to prove myself as ‘a sound person’. I blame it. Only it. Nobody else is responsible but the undue influencer which controls any human form.

My addiction to conquer the world of psychiatry in the colossal globe was the starting point. I read a lot, incessant effort. But what has it led to? My perceptions turned into unbelievable, deadly premonitions that I have never seen ever in my 30 years of living. People said I slained and slained and slaughtered too much. The society now literally addresses me as ‘the cold blooded murderer’. Things turned against me and that literally pushed me into this aloof chamber.

The best part is I had no idea as to how I landed in a such a sticky situation. After all me? The person who gives the one and only pre-eminent treatment to almost all the disturbed chaps in this world, is now declared ‘an unsound person’. In one night, I flew right from my dream land to a padded cell where chained lunatics live. Folks, This is the worst equation ever!

So obnoxious! Not one single soul around me would like to open their ears and listen to me. ‘I’m very normal’. I’m facing the brightest days and witnessing the lost world because of ‘it’. You created me as well as broke me too. There I am covered up with a faded blue attire, frizzy hair which resembles cotton pods, chained, gazing at the aperture, awaiting to see the ray of hope approaching me in the near future.

‘Its good to be ambitious but never vision the act of almighty, as it will discolor you for your entire life’

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