Value Yourself, Whatever it is.

What matters the most? Is it what you speak or the way you articulate? Let us find out!

Kelly, a fresher, who strives to professionalize in the arena of recruitment, is extraordinary at her subject. She smells trouble at work lately.

Why? Her perfect leader, Exon, lives in the pool of linguistics!

If his subordinates outshine in the periphery of linguistics such as English and others such as French, German, you are already his favorite. Ironically, the subject is of secondary importance!

Unfortunately, Kelly is not well skilled in English. Let it be brainstorming sessions, team meetings, always disdained. Her other teammates take the edge of this situation and turn on the spotlight on themselves.

"I had almost put my papers down as I could not take this biased team culture. However, I stood my ground and learn the way I could to excel better. Here is what I did."

'You cannot treat me this way. There is a way to talk to your subordinate! What you are doing sucks! I am well proficient in my subject matter. Because I'm not good at English, I get neglected? How fair is that? I'm telling of you!'

Startled? Well, this is not what I uttered. However, this is what my mind, the daredevil speaks to me at work.

#1. I never had this feeling of being ignored until today when it came to light. During a mentorship program, I had spilled out my opinions on the bias to my mentor, Ethan. I spoke outrightly, yet politely, on his face that "Language isn't the sole pillar of business."

#2. As a result, every Friday, we organize recreational exercises that include role-plays, simulations to surmise and foster a harmonized culture. Incidentally, we had created a skit that remarks about 'A boss demotivating and laughing at his subordinate's weakness.' Here, I played the boss and Exon the subordinate. I had taken this forward and tried to make Exon realize what exactly I go through at work. Surprisingly, post the skit, he asked me "Is this how you are treated?"

#3. Go the Boss Way! It's always more solid to go via the boss's pace and route. I know his pulse after all. The method of expressing is significant as it carries the essence of how you are articulating the subject. If I had chosen the howl road, things would have been nasty at work. During a team lunch, we, as a team had a healthy conversation that involved 'elimination of bias in language.' Despite talking to my teammates earlier concerning this issue, it never helped. That one burlesque turned around the work world for me.

Well, here you go! The big moral here is 'patience pays off at the end.' Try it. It works!

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