Your are your velvet cushion

‘I like to be alone but hate being solitary in life’.

street corner

Isn’t it bizarre for an extrovert or a sunny positive human being to state the above? What exactly would have happened to this person who has arrived to say such woe and flummoxed statements? As we all know that the human brain is a wonder!

The functionality of the brain cells is so torturous and convoluted by nature that there is no specific timeline as such to witness what can go wrong and when. It all depends upon how we retort to scenarios as well as our reflex actions. At times, the most alarming point is that the concerned person itself isn’t aware of “how have I encouraged this state of mind…how did I arrive at such a place”?

As we humans tend to realize things late in life. Presently, being so apathetic and perfunctory in life brings nothing but all the unwelcomed anxiety and hyper-stress. I bet we don’t have to witness ourselves of being a hypochondriac! Eventually in such a state, the more you reside alone the more you become obstinate and unknowingly act like a ‘Pig-Head’.

Alarming isn’t it? This actually proves as to how much the human mind can be predominating and being the best undue influencer over the human body. The point is that maybe we are less resilient in nature which may drive us to impersonate the act of melancholy. It’s sounding as if witnessing a psychiatrist in a padded cell! It’s not just the mental illness; it can be a disturbance in any form in any scale. It’s a fact actually that what you do is based on what you are thinking.

It’s all about your creed in doing such an act which convinces you to move to a better place…however not true in all the cases as it is like covering your eyes with a rough cloth and marching towards the flames. So let’s all take some time off and ruminate to take hard-nosed decisions instead of being dogmatic in nature. It all requires a bit of acceptance of the situation and building a healthy level of resilience to stay positive and lifelike.

You don’t have to necessarily shine like the sun, but its okay to start off having a silver lining in every aspect as that will be the healing power!

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