Succumb to the dark- Not always a Hoax!

In many sectors of the world, I have been labelled as the visual element of bad omen. I have created loads of apprehension about myself as the ‘best foe ever!’

Straw hats

As the society believes there are two sides of a story, I also look forward for people to look up at the bright side of ‘me’! Lets just say that many folks rebel against me due to anxiety and fear. Do they rebel against ‘white’ too? I may give a very strong and assertive face of myself, but I’m just bringing into light that I have another feather too.

After a long tiresome day at work, you just want to stay flat or throw yourselves against stuffed cotton. A little heads up here…. once you shut your eyes, what do you view?

An opaque curtain, appears in front of your eyes which give you peace and that makes you retrieve from stress and throw away all your onerous and anxiety-ridden world behind. You find your happy place ‘here’ even if you don’t have any demands during a weekend.

From one’s salad days, you shut your eyelids for almost dozen hours which helped you grow faster. At times to fight against the hammer hitting your head, you have me, ‘black coffee’ the best brewer which steals your work fatigue.

Bewildered? All I am trying to say that its all how we perceive and believe in. Based on halo effect, the society secures a perpetual and imperishable dot which bases the personality respectively.

I’m delighted that certain lads believe in me and in my personality that I can and will create good omen.

Whether you are going to hit the nail or create your dogmatic sphere, the ball is in your court! Let’s try to encourage a positive approach to look over the superstitions attached in this world as the sun rays fall on every nook and corner of the world.

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