Illusion Chimes

What if you discover that the most cloak-and-dagger information has been exuded by the bricks which ‘protect you’?

‘The walls have ears too’. This statement is pretty not extraordinary, literally. But what if it is not a hoax?

When we showcase anger or cry out loudly….what if the tears which roll down our cheeks ask us ‘what can I do to make you feel happy’? You are in your kitchenette, cutting onions. Suddenly you hear a voice ‘Why do you always cry while cooking me’? Have you ever fantasized this perfect world?

I would say that you would never know the deep visuals of being lonely, as you have all your ‘toy friends’ with you!

You don’t need to cook, no expectations of cleaning the house and much more. Basically you will live like a royalist. Who would like to denigrate such a life being gifted to you?

Honestly speaking, we humans require at least one faithful mate in our life. We ourselves have spoken out saying that ‘My phone is my best friend’, ‘I live with my music’, ‘I can’t live without my headphones’ and so on.

We say all sorts of stuff which cannot be equated to reality. It has been foretold that nobody knows us better than ourselves. What if non living things also have an incredible zest for life? We humans could become a total pro in every arena.

For instance, my beauty closet would be the best guide for me to explore myself as a fashion icon. My cookery would make me realize that ‘there is no better chef than me in this world’. The couch and co. would like to spell out “Want a little taste of me”? Who knows? It would be much better than Home Centre, perhaps we could become the best interior designer! You would get much better ideas to redecorate your house with antiques probably!

The books we read would give us insights about being a writer or getting a hunch of becoming a ‘vocab king’. We manage money. No audits required. The cash would state “I’m the auditor myself” Could anyone be better than itself in cash counters? Your doorstep would be the best watch dog for you. No mischief, no theft. Nothing at all!! People say that ‘shopping alone’ feels like therapy. How fascinating would it be if you could talk to your clutch or handbag… as that would behave like your ‘spot boy’?

Unimaginable! You don’t need to march towards the spectacles store if your glasses break. Your visual toy friend would treat your eye power or would be magnanimous enough to fix problems.

Maybe the accessory you carry all the time and which clings with you from day till you go to sleep could be your best friend as ‘it’ is always with you. It could give you suggestions and solve almost all your issues falling under various subjects.

Life isn’t easy as we view evolution in it’s pace. There was a time when 4G didn’t exist. A lot has changed in this world, we have seen unpredictable inventions! I won’t be surprised if I witness a ‘Hogwarts Home’ thirty years or so down the lane..How ‘magical’ would that be? Fingers crossed!

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