Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..

“Looking at the mirror and cribbing about it doesn’t change anything darling..”. I have seen life as an equation as ‘being compared to others’ in various parameters.

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Well, take a moment to thank the society, which has been the first ever instigating persona to urge these scenarios before ourselves!

My thought is, why are strangers so involved in the life of others? Does appearance matter so much? Don’t you think there is something beyond it? Let’s just say that appearance of your physique has been moulded as the element of judgement and demotivation in every way.

Let it be me walking into a store buying Mac & Cheese or ordering a drooling pizza, all I hear is “Ooh, she definitely is going to munch that and follow a 180 day detox!”.

When I go out with my ‘friends’, the comments I receive would be to change my dressing sense and wear which suits me. After a lot of effort into reducing the bad fat, I could not see any change…my body doesn’t respond to any work out techniques. Incessant effort in a very sincere manner but no sequel was witnessed at the end of the training period.

As a kid, I used to weep every time when the other kids at school or in my neighborhood used to pull my legs and never counted me in anything as ‘I’m not beautiful because I’m fat.” I have never had a good time as a kid playing at the park as few people would start chuckling the moment I get on the swings or the seesaw. I never found the perfect clothes for me in any store. A very dull, boring and horrible life to look forward to.

Hang on, let me cut some slack here. This sort of punching my face with comments and expressions actually drove me to become more confident and a better person to me. I buy pizza in limits, I wear what I want to wear, I laugh out loud and be myself as I like it the way it has to be.

Why do they say to never judge a book by it’s cover? Who cares other than if you have a good heart and mind? Why should you care about appearance? It can be one of the parameters to an extent whenever required, not the ‘only’ parameter of judgement! I started living my life the way I wanted.

In spite of this, I found my perfect match beyond anything. It’s not the external beauty which lies and gives the life, if you are beautiful from inside, wonders can happen to you. Well. That’s what happened to me. I’m living a beautiful life with my perfect match, my husband. He chose me via matrimony. Rather than the grey appearance attached with me since my birth, the golden side of me was visible to him, which caused wedding vows! It’s all about endurance and acceptance.

I wanted to wear jeans and a tank top, I did it. I wanted to go the bar and have my favorite drink along with some fries, I did it. Being silent and acting the scenario that you want it to be is the best way to give answers to such awful comments. Believe me, that feels like you have accomplished everything in life and they would not dare to utter another word against us as we have got this our way this time. It’s not like everyone is a perfectionist!

We are all flawed in some way or the other. It feels beautiful and you feel happy as you are doing what you like as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. You can take suggestions, but not all the time from some Tom, Dick and Harry.

Your well wishers, your brain of wires is more than enough for self motivation.

Patience and perseverance pays off. I’m living my life as ‘my life’ and not letting others to undue influence it at any cost, that could be a huge fortune! Just take life as it comes and treat it subtle. The more you worry, the more room you give for others to rotten it.

Be ‘your beholder’ for you and try to break all your fears and go out there and break a leg with all your confidence!

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